So what is this Myuzing thing?

Well, firstly, I’ll mention that “Myuzing” is simply a play on spelling of the word “musing;” basically because what serves as my consciousness is an endless and continuous flow of “what if”s and visualizations of things. I found it to be quite an appropriate word to represent my existence and this site, which pretty much IS a reflection of my existence filtered through paper for all to peruse.

I love to create; it is my food and drink, my main source of enjoyment in this vast, grandly wheeling mess called life.

I want to try everything; every medium in reach, every style, every concept I can visualize. This site; my art…it’s my whole life; just a conglomeration of various bits and glimpses that, when combined, form some sort of crazed pattern that elucidates what I’m all about . I crave diversity; the fluid, unpredictable mystery of watercolor, the precise grace of graphite, the simplicity of cartoons, the exploration of personality in portraits…I love it all.

How can this affect me? What can this do for me?

Well, here’s the thing; art has a tremendous impact on my life, in many different ways. I am transported by music, captivated by dance, entranced by words..I consume the arts in huge, greedy gulps. Of course, I’m just another individual on this planet, and like any individual, I possess emotions and thoughts, experience the positive and negative in my daily life, and I must say, art has made my life worth living. I’ve had joyous moments, and in those intervals, listened to music or viewed something that I felt contained a similar joy. I’ve experienced hard times, and in those seemingly endless dark tides, always found some form of art that I related to that gave me solace, lent me strength to continue. Yes, I MUST thank all the artists in the world, for there were instances I clearly recall feeling terrible, only to feel the burden lightened by some fun, quirky doodle or beauteous work that I felt a kinship towards based on my mood. That’s what I’m aiming for; that’s why I’m sharing my work instead of hoarding it all to myself: I hope that somewhere, someday, for someone to see a piece I did and feel a connection that feeds their soul or lightens their heart or simply speaks wordlessly to them in their own voice.

Who are you?

Oh, well, any drab details I place here are merely flat, boring facts, but I’ll try. “Aeons ago, in an age when the trudging entity we now know as Time was fleet of foot and youthful of demeanor, there was born a..” wait, I’ll have to go with the short version here. Innocuous 40-something dude born and raised in upstate N.Y., currently residing in the country of Turkey teaching English and following a dream. Aforementioned dream being pursuing the ever-elusive ability to make a living creating art.